Calli Heflin

Calli Heflin makes political statements in two-dimensional mediums and representational landforms in clay. In 2019, she received an honorable mention award at the OSU Research Week Reception. Heflin founded a drawing lab with OSU Horseman’s Association where she demonstrated gestural drawing of Horses. Since 2018 she has been a Museum Associate at the OSU Museum of Art. In 2017, she taught an art class with Sharpie and watercolor pieces to the Stillwater community at the museum. In 2017, she was an art teacher’s aide at the Stillwater Middle School while in 2019 she volunteered to be a photographer for OVAC's 12x12 Art Fundraiser.  In 2017 Heflin worked with a group of artists to paint the mural Locla Homa Grown at a Food Pyramid in Stillwater, OK. Heflin will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Oklahoma State University in the Spring of 2020.

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