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Mental, Physical, Health

What it means to be unhealthy in modern day America


Repetition, 2019, Stop motion

Repetition was my first public art piece to deal with trauma and my own mental health. The audio that played was a rendition of "I can't say no" from the musical Oklahoma by Rogers and Hammerstein. This song has significance to me and my family because my Grandmother loved to listen and sing it through out her years living with Alzheimer's. This piece was difficult to make, show, and to this day is hard to explain.


Nerve Endings



14x12 in

In early 2020 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and although I wasn't sure how to talk about it, I was able to make artwork that expressed how I physically and mentally felt.

Nerve Endings jpg
Inner Vission
Inner Vission

Inner Vision

Mixed Media- Gouache, gesso, acrylic paint, alcohol paint


36x24 in

Inner Vision is a map of my internal pain presented on an androgynous body. The base layer began as gouache lines tracing the body and the individual pain locations most commonly associated with Fibromyalgia. The next layer involved gesso gently mixing the gouache and creating a blending of pain receptors and body identifiers. Alcohol Paint was added back into my most common pain locations with a mixture of red, brown, and blue hues. 

This painting both helps me visualize where my pain is, but also shows others that there is more going on inside than just pain.

Covered up

Mixed media- Earl Grey Tea, colored pencil, gesso, alcohol stain


Covered up deals with the complicated decisions made by people with physical and mental health conditions. We can either choose to live publicly, let a few people know about our health, or keep silent. 

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